Educational SMART Center opens its doors in the Lori region of Armenia (PHOTOS)


The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) SMART  Center opened its doors in the Lori region of Armenia on May 27. It was noted that $ 5 million was invested in the project.

It was located at the crossroads of Dsegh and Debed villages. Smart will differ from other information technology centers by its programs and there will not be an age limit.

Lori Smart Education Center is a three-wing building. It will have an alternative option of education, it will also have classrooms for parents and adults, as well as rooms for small children.

The innovative wing of the training center will consist of robotics room, an art center, a medical education room which will have all the necessary equipment for the first medical aid.

The digital library will provide an opportunity to use mainly e-books, although there will also be printed options.

The center will also have a computer room teaching coding, programming, graphic design and animation technics. There will also be English language programs for both children and adults.

The construction of the center has been financed by American-Armenian businessman, founder of the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), Garo Armen.